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What the cable will not get, we can get with the High Pressure water jet!

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It only takes one time to get your sewer cleaning job done right.  We get the job done quickly, and we get the job done well. After all, we've been at this for over 22 years. We'll get that sewer line clean in no time with the best equipment, the best methods, and the best service in Des Moines!


We're proud to be on-call 24-7 offering you 24 hour limited emergency service at an affordable rate. Call us to get your FREE estimate started!

We can both replace and repair your inside sewer lines as well. Don't forget, we are also experts in cleaning your drains. Learn more about how our preventive maintenance programs can save you money! Contact us, and we'd be happy to walk you through the process!


• Trace utility and water lines

• Televise and trace sewer & drain lines

• Unclog plugged up drains:

   • Kitchen and bathroom sinks

   • Washer drain lines

   • Floor drain lines

• Real Estate Sewer Inspection prior to purchase

• Hi Pressure water jet root removal


Find exactly what services you need in sewage services, drain services, and plumbing services. Call us with all your questions or special project needs!

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Eliminate worry about a clogged sewer line.

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Man hole

Eliminate worry about a

clogged sewer line.

If you are smelling sewer odors around your house, you may have sewer gas leaks. It can be very difficult to find out the source of the leak. With our sewer smoker, we are able to make the invisible leaks visible. We push smoke through your sewer system and look for any areas where the smoke is present. From there we can take immediate action to eliminate the sewer smells and odor traveling through your house. The smoke is odorless and dissipates quickly.

Eliminate odors with our

sewer line smoking service