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What the cable will not get, we can get with the High Pressure water jet!

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Using state of the art equipment, we send high pressure water through specialty nozzles to clear your drain and restore your pipes to full capacity.  We can clear large or small blockages.  No job is too large or small for us!


The hydro-jet method allows us to easily cut through roots, lift and remove grease, and scour any organic materials from your drains. We're on-call 24/7 to get your pipes clean and clear!

Our licensed and insured technicians are highly-skilled in hydro-jetting and other techniques. We've been taking personal care of your sewers and drains in Des Moines for over 22 years, and we bet our rates and service can't be beat!


We also have other sewage services and plumbing services. We'd love to hear from you with specific project questions or concerns, just give us a call!   515-285-0118

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Hydro-jetting: the best way to clean your drain, and fast!

Repairman Hydro-Jet

An innovative way to clean

your drain fast!